Return of Doctor Deceiver by Carol Rivers

Return of Doctor Deceiver (Dishy Doc Book 2) (Dishy Doc Series)

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Return of Doctor Deceiver (Dishy Doc Book 2) (Dishy Doc Series)

Heartwarming medical romance by Sunday Times bestselling author Carol Rivers

On a selfish whim, Dr Sam Stewart decides to try to patch up his failed marriage to Dr Alison Stewart by suddenly returning to England from the other side of the world. For the sake of their young daughter, Gemma, he insists they can make a go of it. But Alison can neither forget nor forgive his transgressions, even though he protests she’s never given him the chance to explain. Alison is wary of words, which Sam is so clever at spinning. She’s determined to preserve her hard-won independence and this time, make Sam stick to the rules of HER game!


Alison should, of course, have looked where she was going and not been in such a hurry to reach safety. Instead, she collided with a solid brick wall, which was in reality, a human chest. She knew – but would never admit later – that had it not been for Sam’s strong hold, one hand thrust against the door jamb to steady them both, the other firmly locked around her waist, she would have tumbled unceremoniously back down the stairs.
‘Whoa there!’ Sam’s voice, unbearably deep and familiar, floated into her consciousness and she realised she was clinging on to him as tightly as he seemed to be holding her.
That particular moment stretched into an eternity, the frisson of his touch, the heat from his body and the strength of his grasp on her trembling limbs only adding to her sense of unreality.
‘Ali, are you all right?’
She managed to untangle herself somehow, though the ends of her fingers were still tingling and her palms were scorching. In fact she wouldn’t have been surprised to see burn marks on his flawlessly pressed white shirt. ‘I – I’m fine. Really. Perfectly fine,’ she babbled.
‘You don’t look it. Should you sit down, do you think?’
‘No!’ she threw wildly. ‘I mean, no, thank you.’
‘Or water? Come into my room and – ‘
‘No!’ she shrieked again, which did at least seem to have the desired effect and he quickly drew back.
Involuntarily, her eyes devoured him, every curve, each hard, honed muscle, the proud sweep of chest and flat abdomen that tapered to slim hips and long legs. Nothing had changed. Not an inch. Not a millimetre. A body she had slept beside, woken with, loved and adored –
‘I was just … ‘ she croaked pitifully, ‘on the way to my room.’
‘A tad too quickly, perhaps?’ he berated with a quirky smile and her heart looped the loop. She tried to recall her crisis relaxation techniques. For heaven’s sake, she’d recommended enough of them to her patients!
‘Look, shall we start again?’ he suggested placidly as she positioned herself as far away from him as humanly possible without falling off the stair. ‘Hello, Ali. Long time no see.’
His voice sent shock waves through her but miraculously she still seemed to have retained the power to speak. ‘Hi, Sam.’
His wide mouth curved into a smile. That smile. The one that sent her plummeting off the high diving board and wondering when, if ever, she’d hit the water below …


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