Relics: Omnibus by Nick Thacker

Relics: Omnibus (Relics Singularity Series Book 0)

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Relics: Omnibus (Relics Singularity Series Book 0)

Relics: Omnibus is the complete technological post-apocalyptic series.
You’ve read the books separately, now read them together. The Relics: Omnibus edition is the beautiful, reformatted three-in-one edition you’ve been waiting for.
Relics: One This is Relics.

Myers is a Relic. Cast out of society by a computer program that’s far more efficient at managing and regulating human life than any human ever could be.

The System is running everyone’s life. It’s quickly becoming smarter than humans, and it no longer has any need for leaders like Myers. There’s a technological singularity coming, and only Myers knows how to stop it.

The problem? He doesn’t remember anything from the past fifteen years.

And now he’s being hunted…

Relics: Two Myers is starting to piece together his life as the world around him crumbles. After a technological singularity, there is an all-knowing power controlling the lives of everyone on Earth. Myers can’t remember what the System is, but he does remember one thing: he played a role in why it exists.

Rand and Diane join Myers in a race to discover what the System wants, who wants to stop it, and who wants to see it succeed at all costs. However, there are new players in the game. An entire population of Relics exists, but what they want with Myers is still unclear.

What’s worse, they’ve all lost their minds, and Myers is starting to feel his own slipping away…

Relics: Three In the end, the System will win. That is the belief shared by the humans who fight for the sentient computer system that controls them. That is the belief shared by those who want to keep the System in power.

But there will still be an end.

There are others – Unders, Relics, and other rebels who want nothing more than to bring the System to its knees, as impossible as that may seem. This is the end.

Join Myers Asher, Jonathan Rand, Ravi and Ary, and others as they race to beat the assembling army of System-controlled humans to the ICPL. It is believed to be impossible, yet impossible things are usually worth dying for.

Grab the beautiful, full-length version of Relics today!

"Relics is another gripping technothriller full of suspense and action from Nick Thacker, the author that brought you The Enigma Strain, the best-selling action/adventure and conspiracy thriller!"


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