A New Day by K. Sterling

A New Day

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A New Day

Haiden Day is young, famous, beautiful and rich. The world is his but the only man he wants is about to leave.
Cash Watts is old(er), wary, wealthy and ready to call it a night.

“Hey!” A voice protested and Cash stopped as a hand pushed against his chest. His heart raced as his eyes clung to perfect, pouting lips before he fell into vivid blue. “Are you leaving?” He demanded and Cash blinked in confusion for a moment before he shrugged and waved over his shoulder.
“This isn’t really my kind of place, believe it or not,” he offered with self-deprecating smile. The younger man’s eyes narrowed as he bit his lip thoughtfully.
“Every man in this place has tried their luck but the only man I want wouldn’t take the hint and buy me a drink,” he complained and Cash’s cheeks puffed out as he pushed his hands into his pockets.
“He might be bad at taking hints and really out of practice,” he admitted then bit back a groan as the hand against his chest spread and the fingertips pushed into his pecs.
“Where are you going?” He asked and heat washed over Cash as the younger man’s eyes slid down his body. Cash was mesmerized as he watched the younger man’s tongue slide across his lips appreciatively.
“My hotel,” he rasped.
“Take me with you.”
Holy shit. Cash nodded jerkily as he was turned and guided toward the door.

“You’re not going to tell me your name?” He asked as he looked over his shoulder. He seemed legitimately confused and Haiden laughed.
“Are you serious?” He asked.
“Why wouldn’t I be serious?” Mr. Big And Brooding asked and Haiden gasped excitedly as a car stopped next to them and the driver opened the door.
“It’s Haiden Day,” he said as he shoved him into the backseat. “And I’m planning to be covered in your DNA by the time the sun comes up,” he vowed as he attacked.
“That’s…messy. I’m Cash,” he said then groaned as Haiden climbed onto his lap.
“Wait,” Haiden said as he sat back. “Are you telling me you’re an actual cowboy and your name is Cash?” He asked and Cash nodded.
“Sure. I ride horses and work with cattle,” he said slowly and Haiden couldn’t stand how excited he was.
“Do you have a hat in your hotel room?” He asked as he imagined Cash shirtless, wearing a hat, tighter jeans and a pair of boots.
“No. I came down to San Francisco to meet with some local restaurant and grocery store owners,” he explained and Haiden was a little disappointed. But a hot, rich cowboy was still really nice. He wound his arms around Cash’s neck and settled against his chest and there was just a breath between their lips.
“You’re so sexy, Cash,” he sighed as their lips brushed and a current of warmth rushed from Haiden’s lips, down his body.
“I’m sorry,” Cash whispered. His voice was gravelly as his hand curved around Haiden’s jaw and eased him back so he could see his eyes. “Are you…?” He asked cautiously and Haiden’s head tilted.
“Am I what?” He asked and Cash cringed.
“Are you a… An escort?” He said and Haiden’s eyes widened before his head fell back and he cackled like a madman.
“That’s awesome!” He declared before he reached for the button and lowered the privacy glass. “Excuse me,” Haiden said loudly.
“Yes, Mr. Day?” The driver asked and Cash’s brows jumped to his hairline.
“What do I do?” Haiden asked and the driver smiled at the rearview mirror.
“You’re the guy from the YouTube videos,” he said and Haiden winked.
“I barely know what YouTube is,” Cash admitted and Haiden shook his head in disbelief.
“I thought you were staring because you were a fan,” he said.
“I was staring because I couldn’t stop myself,” Cash breathed. Haiden melted as Cash’s hands curved around his ass as he angled his head and captured his lips. Their tongues swirled and tangled as they panted and sucked. Haiden’s body hummed with exhilaration as Cash bucked beneath him.
“Don’t even think about stopping tonight, you’re in for a hard ride, cowboy,” Haiden warned.


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