Proposition: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Angela Blake

Proposition: A Dark Billionaire Romance

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Proposition: A Dark Billionaire Romance

Jewels. Power. Billions. I’ll burn it all on her. If she’ll agree to my proposal.

I walk alone. Always have. I clawed my way into this billion-dollar life. I don’t owe anyone a damn thing.
And no one is going to con me out of my money. Least of all a pretty face.
I’m out celebrating the deal of my life tonight. It’s pouring down.
I see a figure on the street. Its cowering in the corner. Long hair. Face like a dream.
A young beauty out on the streets. Exposed to the world.
I take her in. Why not? We both get what we want.
She gets a roof over her head, a luxury apartment.
And I get to have her any way I want.
Those are the terms.
I call the shots. I make the rules.
She wears what I say. She walks how I say. She f*cks how I say.
I’m getting hard thinking of all the positions I’m going to put her in.

Extravagance, skyscrapers, the London city lights, my fortune. I’d share it all with her. If she’d agree to my proposition.

A standalone dark billionaire romance. No cliffhangers and a HEA guaranteed. Includes bonus content! WARNING: Adult readers only.


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