The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman by Asha Ramakrishna

The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman

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The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman


How would your life be different if you knew how to embrace your inner Priestess, awakening to the natural rhythm flowing throughout your life?
The Priestess Code: Awakening the Modern Woman, reveals 7 Divine Principles and Teachings that:

  • Honors all your emotions, feelings and life’s twists and turns
  • Creates a life that is happy, fulfilled and abundant
  • Teaches you how to navigate life’s ups and downs
  • Guides you to great pleasure on the journey by understanding and practicing The Priestess Code™.

This ancient wisdom is worthy of the modern woman and relevant to complicated, busy lives. Included are stories of 20 spiritual warriors who applied these Principles to their lives with transformational results.

"The Priestess Code is more than a book, it’s an open door that welcomes women onto sacred ground. Asha Ramakrishna has a magical way of weaving together wisdom from history, our grandmothers, scholars, world renowned mystics, and spiritual traditions. She creates normalcy in the ebbs and flows of life, assuring us that shifts and seasonal changes within us are natural, normal, and part of our power. This book gave me a sense of peace when I read it. I highly recommend it for every woman who is willing to explore her intuitive, spiritual, sensual self." – Nancy Marmolejo, Founder: Talent and Genius©

In this book:
Understand what defines a Modern Priestess:

  • Her purpose, sovereignty, power and complexity

Learn the Seven Principles:

  • Seasonal Being
  • Construct and Deconstruct
  • Highest Form
  • Compassion
  • Sisterhood
  • Permission
  • Need and Wants

Find yourself in the stories shared by the 20 people living these principles.

"We are real and holy all at the same time. Know that you may say to yourself: I am a Priestess. A Priestess has no box." Asha Ramakrishna

The Priestess Code is a path of balance, a path of awakening to the beauty of what surrounds you, and the beauty of who you are. Each Principle speaks a truth that is sometimes dormant inside us, and that is longing to come out and play, even when others do not understand. The Code is about your journey of exercising your Feminine Power and bringing harmony to a world that longs for it.

"The path of the Priestess is one of acceptance. Acceptance of life, acceptance of what is, acceptance of where we are. Deliberateness in the healing should be followed by the actions of creating a miracle filled life. -Asha Ramakrishna

This is the first book in a series dedicated to the Modern Priestess. Subsequent books will explore other Modern Priestess themes such as understanding your higher purpose and sustaining your soul’s journey.

Buy now and gift your self, or someone you love, the discovery of the inner goddess, the divine priestess, the mother of self, family and humanity and start living the life you’re longing.


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