How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse: A Guide to Capturing the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun by Alan Dyer

How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse: A Guide to Capturing the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun

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How to Photograph the Solar Eclipse: A Guide to Capturing the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun

Learn how to photograph the total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017, with a wide range of techniques and camera gear:
– Simple point-and-shoot and mobile phone cameras
– DSLR and Mirrorless still cameras
– Video cameras
– Wide-angle lenses and long telephotos
– Telescopes, both tracking the sky and untracked

In this 290-page ebook, you’ll learn:
– What to expect to see and what to shoot.
– How to shoot simple grab shots and eclipse “selfies.”
– What types of cameras are best.
– What tripod features are best.
– What filters to use and when to remove them.
– How to shoot wide-angle still images.
– How to set up time-lapse sequences.
– How to frame scenes for time-lapses and composites.
– How to plan great shots above scenic landmarks.
– How to shoot close-ups of totality.
– What focal lengths are best for framing the Sun.
– What types of telescopes and mounts are best.
– How to align tracking mounts in the daytime.
– How to focus and avoid image blurring from sky motion.
– What the best exposures will be.
– When to shoot on auto exposure vs. manual.
– How to plan shoots with single or multiple cameras.
– How to automate a camera.
– Tips on last-minute moves to avoid clouds.
– What can go wrong and how to avoid the common mistakes.
– How to capture the eclipse and still see it!
And finally … How to process your eclipse photos, from simple wide-angle scenes to complex multi-exposure stacks and composites

The book contains:
• Dozens of sky charts made specifically for the 2017 eclipse, and for both the eastern and western United States, to show how to frame the scene with a range of focal lengths, and for planning your shoot.
• Active links to websites for equipment suppliers and for detailed eclipse maps and times for your site.
• Step-by-step tutorials take you through processing, from basic developing of Raw files, to assembling time-lapse movies, and stacking images for composites, plus blending of multiple exposures with luminosity masks.


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