PETER BOY Hawai’i’s Most Notorious Case Of Child Abuse And Murder: Book 1 by Lillian Koller

PETER BOY Hawai'i's Most Notorious Case Of Child Abuse And Murder: Book 1 (Peter Boy Kema Books)

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PETER BOY Hawai’i’s Most Notorious Case Of Child Abuse And Murder: Book 1 (Peter Boy Kema Books)

In this four-part book series, the author reveals the shocking details of Hawai’i’s most notorious child abuse and murder case. The facts are literally torn from the 2,000 pages of official agency records that the book’s author, Lillian B. Koller, J.D., then Hawai’i’s Human Services State Director, courageously disclosed to the public in 2005. Now, in these books, Koller continues – part whistleblower and part storyteller – to reveal the heartbreaking story of Peter Boy’s short life, from 1991 to 1997.

From emotively lyrical to powerfully analytic, Koller uniquely combines “true life” and “true crime” genres, to create an engaging, non-fiction, book series – sometimes chilling, sometimes agonizing, but always surprisingly easy to read. It’s a “must read” for everyone who loves Peter Boy as well as anyone who cares about children and yearns to understand how this tragedy could have happened.

Koller shines a bright light on how Hawai’i’s “system” to protect children from parental child abuse and neglect, failed little Peter Boy, again and again. Her poignant questions to the reader serve as welcome, silver linings – showing the way to improve such still-flawed “systems,” everywhere, to prevent more children from needlessly suffering and dying.

With compassion, hope, and unflinching honesty, Koller exposes more than the what, when, where, why, and how of Peter Boy’s tragedy. She also shares her own parents’ inspiration as Holocaust survivors. This book demonstrates, as Koller puts it, “the survivor’s relentless quest for meaning when the pursuit of justice is futile.”


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