Perth Hotwife: Her Husbands Desire by Madeline Flyn

Perth Hotwife: Her Husbands Desire

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Perth Hotwife: Her Husbands Desire

Lisa and Josh are an attractive couple in their mid-thirties that have been together for fifteen years, living in beautiful Perth, Western Australia. Josh works away two weeks at a time on a remote mine site. Time away from his sexy wife has left him sexually frustrated and wondering if she needs the touch of a man while he is absent. Looking at websites regarding cuckold relationships, he starts a blog about his new fantasy. He knows he can’t tell his gorgeous wife about any of this, she’s not very adventurous in the bedroom. Josh is a dominate attractive husband but imagines his wife’s needs being taken care of by other men while he is away for those extended periods and not just one man. He sees how other men act around her, how can he blame them, she is total a babe. Lisa has piercing blue eyes that grab your attention but only until her alluring body calls. Her ample cleavage, long legs and slim waist attracts attention from men and women alike.
Lisa was very happy with their sex life, but when she accidentally discovers Josh’s hidden desires, she is forced to admit the time apart is becoming frequently harder. Lisa looks into Josh’s Fantasy further before they have a discussion that will change their marriage forever. Now she is starting to notice the attention from others, will she act on it?


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