Perfectly Regressed by River Belle

Perfectly Regressed

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Perfectly Regressed

ABDL Age Play Taboo Regression Erotica

Three cute tales of beautiful women who find themselves unexpectedly yearning to be somebody’s ‘Little’… And the sexy stories of the men who help them achieve their dream!


Davina wants a job. When a stroke of luck lands her a position at the largest bank in the city, she couldn’t be more happy.

When she’s told that she has to go through a very particular medical exam and that she has to wear a ‘special uniform’, she doesn’t realize quite how depraved the work ethic at this place is.

It’s just as well that she’s been diapered though, as when she meets the big boss, she starts to lose control, in more ways than one.


When shy and inexperienced Rosie Silver stumbles upon her Master – the commanding Duke Manning – engaged in a strange and perverse act with two of his servant girls, the Duke decides to teach her a lesson for snooping.

However, during a steamy spanking session, the Duke’s tender side comes out, and his feelings for Rosie grow. Soon, he admits his protective feelings for Rosie, that he wishes to nurture her and love her, showing her his secret world bit by bit, until she is ready to give him what he wants.

Rosie’s desire for the Duke grows into a passionate lust, and soon, she is desperate to be the Duke’s little darling.


Carmen is a spoiled rock diva who always gets her way, and never plays by the rules. She has a dark secret though, one which John, the roadie on her tour discovers one day, after daring to tell her off…

Soon, his discipline and care is the only thing that can stop her from being very, very naughty.

This 17,000 word bundle contains graphic scenes of a sexual nature. All characters are over the age of eighteen and consenting adults.


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