PEDS use in sports: A Physician’s & Former Athlete’s Perspective by George Touliatos

PEDS use in sports: A Physician’s & Former Athlete’s Perspective

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PEDS use in sports: A Physician’s & Former Athlete’s Perspective

Bodybuilding is a highly demanding sport. Discipline diet, exhaustive exercise, sacrifices in personal matters, financial demands make the iron sport to be an extreme one.A physique requires decades of practice, in order to achieve perfection.Quality of muscle is accomplished with years of continuous practice.Bodybuilding does not only involve physical stamina and charisma.Mentality, positive thinking, courage, persistence are skills that play an essential role; especially during the hard time of precontest preparation.The champion should have the will and the skill; however the will, has to be stronger than the skill.
Bodybuilding is a subjective sport, where aesthetic criteria come into judgment. In other words, it is a sport of demonstration. Muscularity, definition, symmetry and posing are evaluated.
The iron sport has millions of fans worldwide, but quite many accusers as well. It’s a highly contradictive sport, but very impressive too. Herculean physiques of modern champions will always inspire and be a motive for the youth.
Bodybuilding teaches you how to nourish your body, in a healthy way. Teaches you to become a fighter, who never gives up and trains regularly with discipline. It’s not just a matter of looks, but also of general physical condition, mind and body. It represents strength, stamina, endurance, health, beauty. It’s a way of living and a lifestyle, not a casual sport, instead.
Chemical enhancement and drug abuse is a matter of personal choice, according to everyone’s goals and targets.But always remember that one day you will pay your dues and the price of your vanity.


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