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Warning: This is an erotic ebook meant for adults only. It contains explicit, sexual content.

One young woman confesses the truth. She describes her place in society and how she’s thoroughly owned. This means spankings and collars. It means accepting her place with a grateful smile.

Buying Valerie:
This is the story of how my ex-boyfriend buys me. The world is different. Call it “dystopian,” if you want, but the label doesn’t change the new reality for all of the women like me. We’re slaves, owned. And now I’m on sale. If I’m lucky, maybe Jake will decide to buy another girl. If I’m not, I’ll get a dose of the Obedience Serum.

Claiming Ashley:
Things have been rough at work for her boyfriend, so Ashley makes him an offer. She’ll do whatever he wants. When she makes her offer, she assumes that he’s going to ask for a cake, brownies, maybe a back rub. Instead, he looks into her eyes, and he suggests slavery.

That’s right; her boyfriend wants to enslave her.

Mike sees something inside of her: potential. Like so many other girls, Ashley has this idea that she’s supposed to be willful and independent. She isn’t supposed to give up her free will to her boyfriend.

Too late, she has already made her promise, so he drags her into the bedroom. He handcuffs her to the bed. He begins to play with her, stripping her. He takes away her clothing, and he shows her just how good subjugation can feel. All the while, Ashley is forced to confront something within her. As he torments her with pleasure, as he teases her with denial, she becomes more and more turned on. Is it possible? Could Mike actually be right about her?

Would Ashley be happier as a slave girl, eager to serve?

This 8,500 word ebook features domination, bondage, elements of humiliation, and female orgasm denial. All characters are consenting adults over the age of eighteen.


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