Outdoor Herb Gardening: Plant These Herbs for Instant Success by Janie Deleon

Outdoor Herb Gardening: Plant These Herbs for Instant Success

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Outdoor Herb Gardening: Plant These Herbs for Instant Success

Outdoor Herb Gardening – Plant These Herbs for Instant Success

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I recall when I planned my first herb garden. It was in the corner of the back yard under a Bradford Pear tree. Once I made up my mind to do a square-shaped bed I used red bricks to edge the bed and to divide it into 4 square sections. Each section was used for a different kind of herb.
In one section I planted an Italian herb garden that included oregano, basil and parsley. In another area I grew my first tea garden, full of peppermint, anise, chamomile and fennel. Another section had healing herb plants, such as aloe vera, horseradish and calendula. The last had cosmetic] like for lavender, chervil and lemon verbena that I used in soaps, lotions and shampoos.
It was a fabulous success that first year and I enjoyed the experience, but in the second year, my mints took over and my chamomile crept away while my lavender died a painfully tragic sunlight-related death.
It did not work, because I hadn’t looked at the most important thing: what my herbs need in earth, light and water to thrive and grow successfully.
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