The Omega Team: Dangerous Timing by Taige Crenshaw

The Omega Team: Dangerous Timing (Kindle Worlds Novella)

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The Omega Team: Dangerous Timing (Kindle Worlds Novella)

Things happen when they will and you must accept the circumstance that come with the dangerous timing…

Rene Quinn didn’t know her night would end in an unexpected accident. Yet when it did the man who came to help her was one she didn’t want to go near. She can already tell that Mateo would be trouble and she didn’t need that. She enjoyed her life the way it is without any complications. He had complication written all over him. For now she would work with him however she didn’t need rescuing. She knew how to handle her own problems in any fight either with or without a weapon.

Mateo Taylor wasn’t sure what to make of Rene. The woman was a set of contradictions that he wasn’t sure if he wanted to understand. Yet for now he was around her to figure out who wanted either her or her boss dead. He would keep it professional…yet he can’t help but be drawn to the woman who made him want to lose his control.

It’s not at all about what you want to not face when it comes to desire…you will need to figure out there is never a perfect moment to give into the dangerous timing….


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