The Natural Method Training Guide: A blueprint for all-around athleticism inspired by George Hébert by Philippe Til

The Natural Method Training Guide: A blueprint for all-around athleticism inspired by George Hébert

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The Natural Method Training Guide: A blueprint for all-around athleticism inspired by George Hébert

This book provides fans of The Natural Method a blueprint with charts and suggested program design for individual training goals. It provides a breakdown of an ideal training session, from the warm-up fundamentals to the functional exercises to become a well-rounded athlete.
This modern adaptation employs the tools most commonly used for training: barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells etc., as well as fixed equipment such as pull-up bars or modular boxes for jumping and of course, creative use of anything one can find outdoors (boulders, scaffolding, ladders, ropes) at parks.
Since it is also designed to give the reader/user the possibility for instant application without, some elements have been removed or abridged, but are still mentioned as an invitation to expand your search and skill with the help of qualified professionals. For instance, combatives have been limited to kicking and punching, at first through "air" strikes/shadow boxing, then heavy bags or partner work on focus mitts. No ground grappling in the event the reader is only training solo. While this doesn’t provide reliable fighting experience, the benefits from mastery of one’s movement still remain. Swimming also has been removed as it belongs in the 3rd programming period, originally seasonal, but with today’s amenities (indoor heated pools), the swimming portion can be done any time.
Also, because of the logistics and interest associated with swimming, while it may seem blasphemous to the original material to delete it, the purpose of this book is, once again, to engage with the minimum effective dose of training categories to be a realistically well-rounded individual.
Thus, the categories of functional exercises are: kicking/punching, lifting, jumping, throwing, climbing and sprinting.

Also, while Hébert’s method calls for outdoor training for hygienic and resilience reasons, most will agree that "doing" beats "not doing" and if it means hitting the gym rather than being unable to find a proper outdoor environment, the list of exercises and contemporary equipment allows one to explore all the movements Hébert included in his method. Some of them may even be new to you, and simpler alternatives that some done currently (e.g. a snatch or a swing vs a "volley", the dumbbell equivalent of something in-between those two, equally beneficial yet requiring less skill).

Exercise description is scarce, even non-existent. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and even the best description can be done incorrectly if not monitored. Most moves are familiar, and those that are not should be learned with a certified, qualified trainer/coach.


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