Najib Razak’s Secret: MH370 by Michael Chillit

Najib Razak's Secret: MH370 (The Tweetsville Chronicles Book 112015)

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Najib Razak’s Secret: MH370 (The Tweetsville Chronicles Book 112015)

Not only has MH370 been missing for more than three years, there has been a deliberate effort to avoid looking for it in any of the most likely or probable locations. The Mascarene Islands, known to have accumulated small amounts of the plane’s debris, have never been systematically searched by Malaysia, much less Australia. It is now virtually impossible to be charitable about it by suggesting the search challenge was just "too difficult". It wasn’t difficult at all. It was poorly if not stupidly executed from beginning to end. What was difficult was encouraging Malaysia and Australia to conduct the search thoughtfully. They proved impervious to good intentions. Madagascar, which always intercepts some debris moving west that is not first snagged by one of the Mascarene Islands, was only searched near the end of the official search for MH370, and only by privately funded families and friends. This has been one of the most disturbing and callous expressions of official indifference of our times. Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak does not want the plane found. There is no other possibility. Worse, Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has been all too happy to accommodate his Malaysian counterpart’s wishes. What, one has to wonder, did those 239 victims do to deserve such utter contempt from two powerful Prime Ministers who have basically told everyone to go to blazes?


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