The Mouth of the Gods by William Stacey

The Mouth of the Gods (The Vampire Queen Saga Book 3)

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The Mouth of the Gods (The Vampire Queen Saga Book 3)

Beware the island lost to time, where even vampires are prey.

The thrilling conclusion to the Vampire Queen Saga.

Kingdom man-at-arms Owen Toscovar and Lady Danika Dain have joined forces with pirate chieftain Fioni Ice-Bound to destroy the Vampire Queen Serina Greywynne and stop her undead army from destroying all they love.

They set sail on a perilous voyage to a mysterious island, long-believed to have once been the home of the gods themselves. There, they must find and destroy Serina’s magically removed heart. But Serina, always just one step behind, has pledged to consume Danika’s blood and end her family’s line for all time. Still shamed from a previous failure to protect the brave noblewoman, Owen is determined that this time he will keep her safe no matter the cost.

Now, Owen and the others must brave monster-filled seas, ship-killing storms, and foes both mortal and undead in their race to find Serina’s heart. But they have yet to face their greatest challenge — the fabled Mouth of the Gods and an evil even older than Serina.

Intended for a mature audience, The Mouth of the Gods is the third and final book in the Vampire Queen Saga, a dark, gritty tale of sword-swinging action, blood-curdling horror, and selfless duty in the face of unspeakable evil. Author William Stacey is a 2014 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist.

*Contains adult scenes of sex and violence.*

Book 1 Blood Fiends’ Bane.

Book 2 The Shield of Serl Raven-Eye

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