Morocco in Midwinter: A Traveller’s Tale by Teresa Moon

Morocco in Midwinter: A Traveller's Tale

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Morocco in Midwinter: A Traveller’s Tale

Morocco’s mixture of magic and mayhem is so beguiling that, if you haven’t been there yet, it’ll be on your bucket list. From the snake charmers and dancers in the central square in Marrakech to the silence of a night with nomads in the Sahara, the experiences are rich and rewarding, but how do you choose from this box of delights?
Through the eyes of Teresa Moon you can make a virtual voyage into Morocco, sampling the country through her eyes, and learning from her experiences. As well as helping you to choose your own itinerary, this book will also put your mind at rest on many of the worries and uncertainties of travelling into the unknown. Where is it best to change money? Who should you tip, and how much? Is the water safe to drink? What about salads? What should you wear? Do you really have to barter? Who can you trust? Where are you likely to get ripped off? Oh yes – and how exactly do you ride a camel without falling off?


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