Miz Scarlet Saves the Day by Sara Barton

Miz Scarlet Saves the Day (Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 6)

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Miz Scarlet Saves the Day (Scarlet Wilson Mystery Book 6)

Special boxed set with the first three books in the series!….“Miz Scarlet and the Imposing Imposter” #1….A financial Ponzi-style fraud costs the Wilsons everything but the old family manse….Opening the Four Acorns Inn sounds like a good idea, except for one thing — someone is out to ruin them anyway possible, and that includes murder. Why does Scarlet Wilson’s love life keep tanking, no matter what she does? As the tension builds in this psychological thriller, the wild ride sweeps her closer to a dark, sinister secret that threatens her whole family.

A menacing note left in the garden, an unwelcome stranger claiming possession of her cousin’s home, a bloody body left on the snowy summit of White Oak Hill…."Miz Scarlet", the feisty amateur sleuth, finds she’s up to her eyeballs in questions with no credible answers. Who’s in danger and why? What does it have to do with the Jordan family, who disappeared without a trace? When one of “Miz Scarlet’s” dogs digs up clothing belonging to the Jordan children, her fears are only heightened.

Her high school crush, Kenny “Captain Peacock” Tolliver, returns to Cheswick and he has all kind of investigatory tricks up his sleeve. Good thing, because a second guest meets a gruesome death just as he arrives to take charge. Scarlet and Kenny seem to be on the fast track to rekindle their love until they run headlong into "Colonel Grey Poupon", Scarlet’s annoying, twice-married brother, and the old sibling rivalry reignites. As they vie for Kenny’s attention, things spiral out of control and Scarlet is snatched in the middle of the night by a ruthless killer.

“Miz Scarlet and the Vanishing Visitor” #2….A pleasant night in Bay Head, New Jersey turns dangerous as Scarlet Wilson heads for home after a delightful weekend at the beach with boyfriend Kenny "Captain Peacock" Tolliver. A terrified teenager, chased by a homicidal maniac, clings to her car, refusing to let go of the moon roof. What do you do when a determined killer comes at the girl attached to your windshield, knife in hand? If you’re “Miz Scarlet”, you get creative and put the pedal to the metal, even as the cars pile up in your wake.

That wild ride begins a journey of discovery for Jenny Mulroney, a cancer orphan. The wicked stepfather has chased the teenager out of the home she shared with her mother and onto the road. Traumatized, Jenny has no one to turn to and nowhere to go, until Miz Scarlet shows up and takes her home to the Four Acorns Inn, the family bed & breakfast she runs in the quaint village of Cheswick, CT. As Kenny delves into Jenny’s secret past, searching for clues, the teenager begins to find her way again. But Jenny’s been dishonest and now she’s put everyone at the Four Acorns Inn in peril.

“Miz Scarlet and the Holiday Houseguests” #3….The time-honored Red Sox versus Yankees rivalry…bitter, divorced parents who can’t stop bickering…a challenging teenage daughter who questions everything her mother tells her….These are the least of overworked homicide investigator Laurencia “Larry” Rivera’s troubles when she’s stalked during an important case. When a teenager turns up dead in the woods, brutally murdered, it looks like it might be politically motivated. Is someone trying to intimidate Larry and her investigators, to protect the killer and prevent him from being caught?

The gutsy Connecticut state trooper is desperate when her parents announce they are coming for the holidays. To keep the peace, she books a room for her father at the Four Acorns Inn, but it just makes everything worse. Larry’s mother is offended that her ex-husband, a Boston Red Sox assistant coach, gets all the pampering. When Mama’s unhappy, everyone is going to hear about it! Before the Rivera visit to the Four Acorns Inn ends, not only will a killer be sent packing, everyone will learn the shocking reason for the bitter divorce of "The Spitball King" and the "Queen of Clean”.


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