Minimalism: 30 Days of Motivation and Challenges to Declutter Your Life and Live Better With Less by Robert Norman

Minimalism: 30 Days of Motivation and Challenges to Declutter Your Life and Live Better With Less (Minimalist)

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Minimalism: 30 Days of Motivation and Challenges to Declutter Your Life and Live Better With Less (Minimalist)

Get More out of Life by Having Less!

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Minimalist lifestyles are rapidly sweeping across the globe as people learn the value that this freedom-inspired lifestyle can bring about. When you learn to live a rich life with fewer belongings, you experience the truest form of riches.
“There are two ways to be rich: one is by acquiring much, and the other is by desiring little” – Jackie French Koller
In this book, “Minimalism: A 30 Day Challenge to Declutter Your Life and Have You Living Better with Less”, you are guided through a 30-day transformation challenge. Each day you will be presented with a new task that will help you live a fuller life with less. You will be introduced to the true concept of minimalism, and then walked through the process of achieving it in your life.
By taking this 30-day challenge and easing yourself into a simpler lifestyle lead by minimalism, you make the transition easier. People who make rapid changes often shock themselves and end up quickly replacing all of the newly empty spaces with more stuff that they head out to purchase. They don’t genuinely foster a minimalist lifestyle; they simply make their home into a temporary minimalist-inspired home. Because they have not taken the time to transform their mindset genuinely, they are not able to maintain the new way of life, and therefore they revert immediately back to their true ways.
If you are ready to learn how you can live more with less and have a greater impact on your life and the world around you, then this book is the perfect read for you. You can learn about the great value of minimalism and all the benefits it can bring about, while also actively putting the lifestyle into play in your life.

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