The Meaning of Bacon by Joshua M Turner

The Meaning of Bacon

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The Meaning of Bacon

What do George Washington, traditional marriage, and fiscal responsibility have in common? You guessed it: BACON! The salty, meaty treat full of umami and splendor is so tasty there has to be more to it than just a yummy breakfast delight. Delve into bacon’s greater significance in The Meaning of Bacon starting in a Medieval English village called Little Dunmow celebrating traditional marriage to the good ol’ USA when our founding father’s established our grand republic on the tastiness of conservative, Biblical values.

The Meaning of Bacon is sure to give you facts you’ve never read from a perspective you’ve never seen all wrapped up in the goodness of a great bacon metaphor. There are also five original bacon-centric recipes that’ll have your mouth watering, your friends talking, and your arteries clogged.

So, grab your favorite bacon flavored snack and realize The Meaning of Bacon in your life today!


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