Marked by the Beast: Special Edition with Bonus Materials by Jaide Fox

Marked by the Beast: Special Edition with Bonus Materials

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Marked by the Beast: Special Edition with Bonus Materials

This special edition contains the following free bonus materials:

The Quirin Stone by Marie Morin: The disturbing dreams begin to haunt Cassandra Wallace almost from the moment she first looks upon the portrait of the woman that hangs in Thor Severnson’s office. They’re waking dreams, however, and in them she lives another woman’s life, the wife of the Duc du Maurier, the man everyone believes is in league with the devil.

Dark Wrath: Captured for brutal experimentation, only one bright spot exists in Jesse Stone’s life—Erin. But she saw him as nothing but an animal and worse…a monster. When she betrays him, it’s more than he can bear, turning his mind to white hot rage as he planned his escape and revenge on those who’d dared to take him. And Erin, her he would save for last.

Extended Excerpts from:
Beastmen of Shadowmere Book Two: SEDUCED BY THE BEAST
Beastmen of Shadowmere Book Three: CONQUERED BY THE BEAST
Beastmen of Shadowmere Book Four: SURRENDER TO THE BEAST
BONUS Sneak Peek at Shadowmere Legacies Book Two: HEART’S PREY

Beastmen of Shadowmere Book One: Marked by the Beast: Living under a curse, Ashanti had little to lose but everything to gain by freeing the exotic beastman held prisoner by Lord Conrad’s depravity. But she did not anticipate the unbidden desire Blasien aroused in her when in his presence, nor did she expect her untamed captive would soon become her master….


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