Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan by Grant Cameron

Managing Magic: The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan

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Managing Magic: The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan

Many think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFOs. Many think the government is doing everything in its power to keep the UFO reality a secret. The truth is those who control the UFO secret are doing neither.

The secret keepers are gradually disclosing this information, via an acclimatization process, based on advice given by military think tanks that have looked at the issue.

Through the extraordinary accounts in this book, the reader will:

-Learn how long the disclosure effort has been going on and how this secrecy plan has been carried out.
-Get a revelation of the 14 magicians in charge of this secrecy.
– Find out who the 5 Messiahs are, the ones chosen to carry out the disclosure message.
– Learn the 64 reasons that led United States presidents to keep the UFO information secret.
– Discover what WikiLeaks has revealed about UFOs.
– Learn of the latest disclosure effort by rocker Tom DeLonge.
-Become aware of a US president that was abducted.
– Understand the story of "Trump the Aliens."
– Gain insight on Trump’s UFO briefing.
– Learn about the eight possible disclosure efforts being run at the present time including the disclosure of a portal.


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