Make Mine A Double: A Tricky Dick Key West Mystery by Jack Terry

Make Mine A Double: A Tricky Dick Key West Mystery

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Make Mine A Double: A Tricky Dick Key West Mystery

Haunted by a recurring nightmare of another dead body, Tricky Dick struggles to understand just who Scooter’s assassins meant to kill, what connection the one person he’d stayed close to has to the murder and how much he can trust Rachel, especially after he unwittingly allows his emotions to get involved.

Learning the true identity of who Scooter was has sent Tricky’s already turbulent life into a tailspin. Already distrustful of most people’s intentions, he quickly learns that everything he hoped about Rachel may not be true, including discovering that an uneasy alliance may exist between her and the police chief. Previously thinking that he could help keep her safe, Tricky starts to realize that she may only be adding more danger to his life.

Not helping matters any is learning that his niece’s husband may be following the career path Tricky once followed and is now in deep over his head. Running into members from a secret society, trying to break the silent barriers of career military men and wanting to figure out if Scooter was killed for who he was or because the killers thought him to be the person whose identity he had stolen keep Tricky running for his life.

Until a phone call from Cuba makes him think he might need to run even further…


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