Mail Order Bride: Indian Bride Forever by Leah Laurens

Mail Order Bride: Indian Bride Forever (A Western Romance Story)

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Mail Order Bride: Indian Bride Forever (A Western Romance Story)

In the Old West, love and danger are synonymous.


Page Count: around 330 pages

Katherine, Cali-Cle, and Annie are strangers…
Yet they have been bound together since birth.

Alone in a world where they do not fit in, each woman finds herself on the edge of peril as a mail order bride.
Fate draws them to men they have never before met, mail order brides for Indians who are themselves outcasts.

The devil's mark is a serious thing to the Karankawa people.

It foretells the destruction of their tribe.

Their enemy, the Tonkawa, would say that is a good thing.
Sacrifice and torture are what the Karankawa thrive on.

When three separate women show up, each a mail order bride bearing the birthmark foretold in the prophecy…
The Karankawa will stop at nothing to kill the women.
The Tonkawa will stop at nothing to protect them.

Are the Indian husbands strong enough to defeat a tribe more deadly than any other in existence?

Love means taking a risk.

Only the men can decide if their new brides are worth dying for.

Page Count: around 330 pages


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