Lusted 4: Uncovered Secrets by Pia Sparks

Lusted 4: Uncovered Secrets

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Lusted 4: Uncovered Secrets

The exciting, red-hot conclusion of Benjamin and Kylie’s story!

KYLIE’S nightmares have invaded her real life. Now, she must find the strength to overcome her tragic past and battle the evil man who holds her captive.Is she strong enough? And if she survives, will she even want to be the type of woman Benjamin needs?

BENJAMIN’s life has no meaning without Kylie, but his selfishness may have not only cost him any future he has with Kylie, it may have cost Kylie her life. He needs to become a new man in order to save the woman he loves even if it means they’ll never be together. But is he too late?

HOT SEXY ALERT: Not for people who blush at strong language and not for anyone under voting age


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