Lucifer’s Lament by EJ Brock

Lucifer's Lament (A Spirit Love Story and Paranormal Romance Book 24)

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Lucifer’s Lament (A Spirit Love Story and Paranormal Romance Book 24)

Iniquity was found in Lucifer’s heart and it caused him, and a third of the Heavenly host, to rebel against The Ancient of Days. That triggered a GREAT WAR IN HEAVEN! Brother against brother! Angel against angel! Good against evil!

A powerful brigade of Archangels, led by none other than MICHAEL, defeated Lucifer and his followers, and cast them out of the Heavens. Plagued by Pride, Lucifer insist that he may have lost the battle, but he will win the ‘ultimate’ war!

Now eons later, The Ancient of Days contends with Lucifer and force him to remember his many defeats at the hands of MICHAEL, and the Ultimate Watcher, SERAPHIEL! Through teary eyes Lucifer sees not only the battles, but everything that he has lost. Angered by Pride and Rage he challenges The Ancient of Days, once again. Join the Archangels, Watchers, and humans as they gaze in Hell, and bear witness to this confrontation, and…Lucifer’s Lament.


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