A Loyal Heart Betrayed 2 by Toy

A Loyal Heart Betrayed 2

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A Loyal Heart Betrayed 2

The Crawford clan and Jet are back to tie up loose ends of all the secrets that were previously revealed. Just when they think all has been revealed, and they know how to correct the secrets of their family’s past, they learn that there are still some stones that have yet to be turned over.

Spike Crawford physically has his freedom. However, dealing with the lies and deceit from his baby mama, Shatanna, has his mental state of mind held captive by thoughts of revenge. That is until he starts to spend time with the beautifully educated Prissy. Thoughts of finding true love, and how his life really should be, start to help him escape the confinement of his mental state of mind.

Spook Crawford has had enough of all the lies and secrets. Spook begins to question everyone’s loyalty and no one is spared his wrath if they prove themselves to be yet another snake in the grass, not even blood. One thing Spook is sure of is the person who would never betray his heart, now he just needs to make things right.

Jet Johnson is questioning his very own lineage. He can’t understand how he can be true blue when it appears that no one in his family understands the value of loyalty. Jet is ready to be the judge, jury, and executioner, while at the same time getting Tanae’s attitude together. Jet is teeming with frustration, and even though Jet has loved Tanae since adolescence, he won’t tolerate her behavior.

Tashena Crawford is at a crossroads as to what is the right thing to do when it comes to her siblings or her unborn child. Regardless of what she decides, Tanae feels that she will ultimately betray one of them as she is in a lose-lose situation.

In this second installment, more lies, secrets, and truths will be revealed. The Crawford Clan is determined to get to the head of it all; kill the head, and watch the body fall.


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