Love Ain’t What I Came For by Myah

Love Ain't What I Came For

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Love Ain’t What I Came For

Growing up, Nyree Giordano is the eldest of four and raised with one simple mindset. If anything is to ever happen to her father, the infamous diamond thief Cayson Giordano, she is to hold down her three younger siblings. Practically street royalty, Nyree doesn’t even realize the threat that is looming until that "if" becomes a reality and both of her parents are gone. Nyree’s hustle mode is activated full fledge. Securing the bag should be the least of Nyree’s worries and she doesn’t even know it.
When her teenage twin brothers dig themselves a hole the size of a small planet, again, big sis "Ny" is the one they call to get them out of it. Unfortunately, when Benz and Buddha, Nyree’s younger brothers gain a new enemy- one unlike anything Nyree has ever gone up against. This battle with either tear down the entire foundation she’s fought so hard to build, or open her up to an entire new way of life. Either way, Nyree is definitely in over her pretty little head.


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