Lithia: The Alva Series by C. Rifai

Lithia: The Alva Series

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Lithia: The Alva Series

Amber was just a girl who wanted to be left alone. That plan failed when her mentor and friend had a hand in getting her enrolled in the Magnus Academy. As if that wasn’t strange enough, Amber soon found out the purpose of the Academy; to train people with abilities. Once again, Amber was the odd one out. Her abilities were never seen within the Academy before.
Although it was a minor difference, as students were able to keep their abilities secret, Amber was also the only girl in the whole Academy.
By the time her first year at Magnus Academy finished, Amber was ready to escape the confining prison-like compound.
Over the year, she learned quite a few things. Like the true identity of that mysterious man who seemed to pop up at just the right time, and her supposed ‘destiny’.
What will be revealed of her true destiny? Will she carry it out and live a secret life until the time is right to reveal herself, or run away from it all to finally be alone?


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