Lilah Lost and Found by Jen Devlin

Lilah Lost and Found

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Lilah Lost and Found

With her sophomore effort, Jen Devlin continues to explore the idea that thoughts are things and sentiments take up space.

What happens when you swear an oath and break it? Aside from letting yourself down and feeling like a total jerk, that is. Does it matter if no one knows you’ve broken it? What if you just break a small part of it?

Cue Aislynn Halston, our hapless heroine, an AP girl with Nobel aspirations of the Marie Curie variety. It’s her last night of summer camp and she’s about to re-pledge her allegiance to her camp sisters, an annual tradition involving sharing your goals for the upcoming school year. The sisters have certain standards, exacting ones, and Aislynn should know better than to lie to them, but she can’t make herself say her goal out loud, and it isn’t technically lying, is her rationale. It’s more like omission, and while that may not be such a big deal with your average, everyday oath, this oath is sealed with the fateful words: vincit omnia veritas, meaning: truth conquers all.

She chants the words, fingers crossed behind her back, and like predator to prey, karma catches her scent.

The first trick up karma’s sleeve is to unearth an old diary and drop it tantalizingly close to – but not actually in, much to her chagrin – Aislynn’s lap, preoccupying her with knowing the unknowable life of a long-dead girl named Lilah. Karma’s second trick is to toy with Aislynn’s dreams, to stir them up to such a fevered pitch that she can’t get a good night’s sleep. Third, karma brings boys to her doorstep, cute boys, out-of-her-league boys, boys who shouldn’t give her the time of day, only they do. One of them will even help her accomplish her secret goal, the one she couldn’t bring herself to say out loud in front of the sisters, the thing that brought all this trouble to begin with.

Karma’s final trick will be its most devastating. It will rain chaos and confusion down on our sleep-deprived heroine in a perfect storm of mean girls and bodily injury and withering parental disapproval, of heart-wrenching sorrow and stolen cars and stolen jewelry. By the bitter end, it will land Aislynn in jail, where she’ll have a good, long time to think about what she’s done.

Lilah Lost and Found is a YA cozy mystery rife with red herrings and real clues. It contains some sex and profanity.


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