Life of a Kid: A Case Study in Developmental Psychology by William Elmer

Life of a Kid: A Case Study in Developmental Psychology

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Life of a Kid: A Case Study in Developmental Psychology

William B. Elmer wasn’t an average boy—but then no child is truly average. All children have their individual hopes and dreams, fears and anxieties. Nevertheless, kids raised in dysfunctional families tend to grow up with similar emotional scars.

In Life of a Kid, Elmer presents a case study of one such child who grew up in the thirties and forties. The writing is intimate and immediate because the boy he profiles is himself. Elmer focuses on both positive and negative events that helped shaped him into his own person, paying particular attention to his deep inner life and his parents’ strained relationships. These marital difficulties, which included violent fights, divorces, remarriages, and a suicide, kept his family life unstable.

At the end of each chapter, Elmer reflects on lessons others might learn from his parents’ mistakes. Topics—which are addressed from a Christian perspective—include the misuse of punishment, the need to teach children about love and sexuality, and the importance of ensuring children know their parents respect them.

Elmer’s fascinating book will be a boon both to mental health professionals who work with children and to Christian parents looking for encouragement and inspiration in raising their families.


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