Lie & Kill : The True Story of Darci Pierce by Jessi Dixon

Lie & Kill : The True Story of Darci Pierce

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Lie & Kill : The True Story of Darci Pierce

Darci Pierce was an accomplished liar. By the age of 19, she’d managed to convince her boyfriend to marry her and earned her family’s respect by settling down and starting a family – but the pregnancy her new husband, Ray, and family were celebrating was a complete fabrication.

Desperate to keep her husband, Pierce committed herself to the lie. She gained sixty pounds, stuffed her clothing to make her stomach appear larger, and even trained her muscles to move in a way that suggested a baby was growing inside her belly. However, as the months wore on, Pierce couldn’t explain why she hadn’t had the baby yet.

Her family had already thrown her a baby shower, and Ray was excited to get their family started. She told her husband that her doctor planned to induce labour on July 23, 1987, fourteen months after Pierce had first started wearing maternity clothes. When she left the house that day, Pierce knew she wouldn’t be coming back empty handed.

She needed a baby – and she planned to get one.

Even if it meant killing a pregnant woman…


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