On Her Leash: Volume III: tales of female dominance and erotic humiliation by Rebecca Roane

On Her Leash: Volume III: tales of female dominance and erotic humiliation

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On Her Leash: Volume III: tales of female dominance and erotic humiliation

On Her Leash Volume III is a collection of short stories exploring female dominance and male submission. Often sexual, sometimes humiliating, these women are in control of their boys and know just how to put them in their proper place – on their knees, offering themselves up for Lady’s pleasure.

Annie’s Discipline
Our hero is a typical alpha male. He has achieved success within his career and is well respected by his peers. He is often described as exacting, demanding, even intimidating. The world at large perceives him as perfect dominant male. At home, however, he is anything but. His household is run by his strict and beautiful wife, Annie. She knows that to keep a man in line, harsh discipline is in order. Tonight, our hero will be paying the piper, having broken one of Annie’s most important rules. He will be bent over her knee and spanked into submission by her delicate hand.

Handing Over His Key
Sheldon has been seeing Mistress Brooke, a professional dominatrix, for quite some time now. Their relationship is one of Dominant and submissive. It isn’t about sex; it’s about servitude. It isn’t that he doesn’t love his wife. It’s just that she so very vanilla. He knows that she wouldn’t understand his need to be controlled and sexually dominated. What he doesn’t know is that Mistress Brooke is about to change his life for good.

New Husband’s Humiliation
Our protagonist has always been a bit of an underdog. He is a consummate nerd – painfully shy and awkward around women. So when he marries Angela, he thinks he’s won the proverbial lottery. She’s bright, bubbly and so pretty it hurts. It’s his wedding night and he thinks he’s about to finally lose his virginity. In actuality, Angela is about to show him that a leopard can’t change it’s spots. Once a chump, always a chump. This honeymoon is going to be a very humiliating experience for our bashful new husband.

Be Careful What You Wish For
The nameless subject of this story has one weakness; a woman’s beautiful feet. They make him feel pliable and submissive. He longs for a woman to give him what he needs. While enjoying a cup of coffee at a local café, he is discovered by one such lady. She knows a submissive man when she sees one. Lucky for him, she’s in the mood to play.


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