Launch: Build, Organize and Test Your Sales Funnel: The First Developers Guide And Blue Print by Sarah Bailey

Launch: Build, Organize and Test Your Sales Funnel: The First Developers Guide And Blue Print

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Launch: Build, Organize and Test Your Sales Funnel: The First Developers Guide And Blue Print


A solutioins provider product: Your funnel begins with product selection, later, your objectives are transfered into activities that you build with your autoresponder software. Question is: Are you frustrated, unorganized or find it difficult to convert your sales funnel on paper into software. Are repetative processes a pain, difficult and hard because you don’t do it all the time everyday? Do you find it difficult to remember the steps involved? Are you a newbie and you need HELP! Not any more. After reading this book, you will have the knowledge to build a sales funnel, convert your needs into software and know how everthing works together "every time".

Using my sales funnel template by example, it will enable you to design your own sales funnel stages quickly in your software, thus my book will teach you to also build memory sheets.

Documentation that makes building your next and the next funnel easier- FASTER! This book has diagrams and is hyperlinked for easy navigation. I have one sales funnel cheat sheet that is designed for gathering leads. I have another sales funnel cheat sheet, designed for implementing sales for a new product. There is another sales funnel cheat sheet that demonstrates how to perform A/B testing on your sales funnel. From the beginning I also demonstrate how I save money. My investments costs are a fraction of what you pay. And I explain why. Let’s talk about traffic, yes.

I also teach you traffic webmaster. So, after building your funney on paper, now its time to put some traffic to it. All problem associated with getting stared, documenting, implementing, testing and design dissapear with this single book. Your machine will be so well oiled, you can assign a task to your VA and expect it to get done just as if it were done by you. Seamless hand off, is what I call it. My friend, there is nothing like this anywhere.

This is "The First Developers Guide And Blue Print"

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