The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcome by Karel Murray

The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcome

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The Language of Intent: How Self Talk Transforms Outcome

“The Language of Intent” is truly a guide to transformation. Listen in to the self-talk of the little 6-year-old girl in the basement and the humanity displayed by “The 22.” Read and savor ever word of her emotional, personal and spiritual experience and then listen to your self-talk and find your way to transformation.”
Stan B. Walters, CSP,
“If you don’t know where you are going, you might wind up someplace else.”
Yogi Bara
Are you one of those people who feels that their life has been shaped by unforeseen events or subjected to the actions of people who surround you? Do you constantly replay a helpless litany of negative thoughts hoping that somehow your life will improve? Join Karel Murray as she explores how, as human beings, we want something deeper and now is the time to discover that you do have the ability to shape your life and control your outcomes by embracing the Language of Intent.
“Clear, straight and to the point; Karel’s a delight and inspiration!”
Sharon Ehlert


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