A King’s Domain by Stan Q. Mitchell

A King's Domain

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A King’s Domain

No longer able to tolerate his volatile atmosphere, 17 year old RASHAD leaves his grossly dilapidated environment, barely held together by his loving mother but constantly degraded by his abusive, non-compromising step-father. On his road to find happiness he found great success; often basking in the graces of becoming a nationally renowned journalist and award winning novelist. Through it all, he always juggled the idea of moving back to his hometown and reconnecting with his family. After much deliberation he decided to have a house built not far from his family, the house would also serve as the site for the creation of his newest novel. After getting settled into his new estate, RASHAD gets reacquainted with his family but, things do not go so well with his older brother. RASHAD’S brother, GREG is broke and desperate; GREG owes some dangerous people a lot of money and he is willing to get the money to pay them by any means necessary. After GREG overheard RASHAD talking about his 3 month hiatus where he will lock himself in his new house without contact with anyone so that he may focus on the creation of his new novel. GREG sees this as the perfect opportunity for him and his band of miscreants to devise a robbery plan, taking the money from his wealthy brother by force. What GREG doesn’t know is coming up with ideas for the new novel has been exceptionally hard for RASHAD. The stress of writing this new novel has made RASHAD emotionally and mentally unstable. Combined with an attempted robbery by his brother GREG, bad memories of the abuse he endured as child, a high security house that makes it impossible to leave and man with a gun, who’s fed up with it all, no one is safe from this perfect storm. In this psycho-thriller it is clear many will die but who and how is where we find the devil in the details.


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