Kindred Souls by Bree Branigan

Kindred Souls

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Kindred Souls

Finding your soul-mate; the one meant for you … could be worse … Or could it?

If you like steamy, suspenseful paranormal stories with lots of explicit MF and Lesbian action, , these are the books for you!

Nora is passionate and fearless. Until now she’s seduced and fed on humans, infusing them with a venom that causes them to awake none the wiser. But Fletcher hasn’t forgotten. Nor can she forget him, throwing her into peril with her own clan.

Fletcher is a happy-go-lucky college football star. Until he meets Nora. When her life is threatened he is plummeted into a world of darkness and danger.

Marcel, the clan’s benevolent leader, is Nora’s maker with whom she shares a deep, erotic love. When horrifying events in the town threaten the clan he comes face-to-face with his past. A devastation he may not survive.

When Elise reunites with her former lover, Aine, leader of a Witch coven, old secrets are revealed, new perils encountered, and, finally, new hope.

Kindred souls. The connection is inescapable. It can be a joyous connection. And it can be life-shattering.

NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: A five-part novel, PLUS bonus stories, all HEA romance with no cliff-hangers, containing hot scenes, naughty words, intense action, and paranormal mysteries, intended for 18+ readers only. 


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