Killer Single Mom by Amy Delaney

Killer Single Mom

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Killer Single Mom

“I don’t know what’s worse, the loneliness or the boredom. I’d like people to know I have feelings. I laugh and cry just like they do. I’d also like people not to believe everything the media says and don’t judge me until you walk a mile in my shoes.” – Robin Lee Row

When Robin Lee arrived in Boise, Idaho in the late 1980s she was a struggling single mother with two small children – her son, Joshua, and daughter, Tabitha. Money was tight for Robin. With only a couple of dollars to her name, a new life in Boise was going to be difficult, but Robin was determined to make it work.[2]
Luckily for Robin, the local YWCA took her under their wing and offered her a managerial position at their bingo sessions. It seemed to her colleagues that the organization had made the right choice – Robin was good at her job and appeared to be a natural leader, and her charity work extended beyond the YWCA, helping the homeless and the local community.
But Robin Lee wasn’t the model citizen she appeared to be.


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