Karson Drew The Amish Detective: Amish Mystery by Abigail Augsburger

Karson Drew The Amish Detective: Amish Mystery

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Karson Drew The Amish Detective: Amish Mystery

Emma spent the remainder of the evening holed up in her room while Karson and Jolyn ate dinner alone, the silence between them frigid and uncomfortable. Jolyn tried to talk to Karson several times but his stony expression and rigid countenance told her that she would be wasting her breath so she let it be. She was worried about Emma but decided to let her be tonight. Almost every other time when Karson had to forbid her something, Jolyn had sat with Emma and tried to justify Karson’s actions and his reasons so that their dochder could understand her father and his need to control all elements of their life but tonight, she felt that there was nothing she could say to Emma that would console her and make her understand and so, she decided to let her stew in her anger for the night and resolved to talk to her the next morning.
Emma, on the other hand, was well out of her rage and was consciously and carefully making plans to sneak off as soon as she was sure that her parents were asleep. Her only worry was that her mother would come check on her but even that seemed unlikely today since it had been more than two hours since the whole argument at that moment and Jolyn had yet to make an appearance. To say that Emma was nervous or scared would’ve been an understatement but Lynda had described her own sneak-offs and methods so many times that Emma was certain she could pull it off.
Lynda had told her to meet her at the edge of the forest next to Ishmael King’s farm and Emma had mapped out her whole journey very carefully. They were supposed to go to a party with some of Lynda’s Englisch friends who she swore were very nice and entertaining. Emma herself had never been to any such party but she was curious as to what it all entailed and wanted to experience it.
As soon as she was sure that her parents had retired to their bedroom for at least half an hour, Emma opened her own door slowly and looked about. Satisfied that everything was as it was, she put one foot in front of the other, her heart thundering in a mad staccato in her chest and crept down the stairs silently, taking great care to avoid any creaks and noises. Once downstairs, she picked up one of the haus keys and exited the haus.
Once outside, she felt relieved and a happy grin emerged on her face.
I’m going to have so much fun tonight, she thought giddily but she had nee idea what awaited her at the party she was rushing to.


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