I Just Wanna Be Yours 2 by Lucinda John

I Just Wanna Be Yours 2

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I Just Wanna Be Yours 2

Tyreema is on a high- a high no drug can provide, a natural high that steams from being madly in love. There’s only one problem, Jerecho. When Tyreema comes home from her trip, basking in the glow of her newfound happiness, she walks into the closed fist of Jerecho. With all of Ty’s secrets about her affair out in the open Jerecho gives her an ultimatum, either leave Saire alone or die. The only way out is death, something Jerecho makes very clear.

Saire thought he had everything under control with Tyreema until she abruptly ends their relationship. Frustrated, Saire decides to leave her alone while re-kindling his old flame with Xandy. He quickly realized that a relationship with Xandy is not something his heart wants until he finds himself in a situation with no way out.

Still up to his same ways Jerecho tries to juggle Jordynn and Neki while keeping tabs on Tyreema. He tries to force his way into Tyreema’s good graces by attempting to buy her love, showering her with gifts. Jerecho comes to the harsh realization that he has lost Tyreema’s heart; however, he is not willing to let her go without a fight.

Naria and Sage are in the prime of their relationship. The power couple becomes the center fold behind the true definition of black love. Sage is determined to help Naria succeed while trying to take over the drug empire by force. When Sage starts to rise in ranks, the snakes began to roam determined to take his spot even if it means shutting him down permanently.

What really hurt the most…. Being in a relationship with someone you have no desire to be with? Or Living life unable to be with the one you love?

In this final installment, relationships will be tested, secrets will be revealed and hearts will be broken. Will Tyreema say enough is enough and find a way out of a toxic situation or will it be too late?


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