Just Friends: The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships by Pamela Naidoo

Just Friends: The Ultimate Girl's Guide to Male Friendships

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Just Friends: The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships

The ONE-AND-ONLY revolutionary platonic friendship book designed to guide the modern woman in creating long-lasting, successful and fun male friendships. All the secrets FINALLY revealed!

"Just Friends – The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships” is the most important relationships guide for women, and will redefine the boundaries of male and female friendships. Combining the latest scientific research and endorsed by leading scientific experts in this field, ‘Just Friends’ is every woman’s essential guide. In it, you will discover the wonders of platonic relationships in an exciting, refreshing, down-to-earth conversational style. Full of practical how-to tips, guiding questions, and using a proven step-by-step process, you will easily learn how to build and nurture male friendships and have fun along the way! Whether you’re looking to make new male friends or simply maintain and enhance your current friendships, this engaging guide reveals it all!
The premise is simple: Platonic friendships are the FASTEST growing social interaction on the planet! We study, work and play together, now more than ever; so, learning how to build successful, long-term friendships with the opposite sex is key to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life. Making a meaningful connection with other people could be the single most valuable skill in business and life. Establishing natural, meaningful friendships will contribute positively to your overall well-being.
Brimming with advice, tips, and common sense, this book will help to get women and men talking, and will keep platonic friends ‘together forever’.
You will learn how to:
•Successfully make new friends (male) and keep them as friends
•Find extraordinary male friends—where to look and how to approach them
•Kick-start the friendship, deal with rejection and learn how to build trust through conversation and activities
•Manage the friendship when feelings get in the way.
•Move seamlessly from friends to lovers and understand what it means to date a friend
•How to get out the dreaded friend zone and step into somewhere better
•Manage and make the most out of a ‘friends with benefits’ relationship
•And much, much more….
With straightforward, honest writing from that prized female perspective, Pamela unlocks the secrets to enable you both to reach true mutual understanding and make friends forever. Discover for yourself why women believe that ‘Just Friends – The Ultimate Girl’s Guide to Male Friendships’ should be mandatory reading for every modern woman.
The ONLY Book Every Girl Needs to Unlock the ‘Friendship’ Hearts of Men – GUARANTEED!

“Pamela Naidoo provides a valuable and practical “friendship roadmap” to aid women navigate the relatively unknown and challenging terrain of male-female friendships. She shares insights based upon her own friendship experiences with men, and informing those insights with relevant social science research. She conveys this in a personable and enjoyable writing style. A delightful strength of the book is a series of very practical “tips” the author offers to women when initiating and maintaining friendships with guys.” – Prof. Don O’Meara (Dept. of Sociology, University of Cincinnati, Ohio)
“As an academic expert on friendships between women and men, and as a personal fan of those kinds of friendships myself, I very much enjoyed reading Pam Naidoo’s book. The popular culture market has long needed a book that combines scholarly findings about friendships between women and men with everyday occurrences of those relationships. Her own personal stories about her male friendships were entertaining and insightful, and she carefully juxtaposed her own experiences with academic findings about cross-sex friendships. I particularly liked the sections on the “dreaded friend zone” and “friends with benefits.” Fun reading!”- Dr Mike Monsour (Dept. of Communications, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado)


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