Just Who Are THEY Anyway? by Aynne McAvoy

Just Who Are THEY Anyway? (THEY Speak Book 1)

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Just Who Are THEY Anyway? (THEY Speak Book 1)

This is the first book in what will be a series of books about my interactions with a group of spiritual guides, angels and ascended masters that has been happening since I was very young. The first half of the book contains personal stories of some of my interactions with them. The second half of the book begins to share some of the THEY messages. THEY (ascended masters, angels and guides) are light-filled and joy-filled, and so very helpful. The lessons they impart to all of us are very simple to understand. THEY speak very plainly and simply. THEY can be playful and have a delightful sense of humor which often comes out in the messages.

Writing something down memorializes it and writing it in book form hopefully gives it a longer expiration date. I write this down so that someone somewhere will read my words and benefit from them. I write these words down because hopefully they are worth remembering.

I felt before I introduced you to the THEY messages, this first book would include some of my experiences over the years with them. THEY have been a constant in my life since my first memories. These light filled beings collectively call themselves THEY. The guidance, assurance and lessons that THEY impart are always helpful and timeless.

I have felt a constant push from THEY over time; first to publicly announce that I was a psychic in 1990 when I opened my business Golden Trines; then to begin to receive and transmit the THEY messages beginning in 2010. I was told that these messages were to be shared with others and I have done so since the very beginning. The initial THEY messages went out in emails to several hundred people.

However, this past year I’ve felt an urgency to begin to formally publish these messages. I began to do serious editing of the messages that have come in. There are many more messages that will be in future books, plus the channel between me and THEY remains wide open and I receive more information all the time.

We live in troubled times. I am truly amazed at how appropriate many of the messages are today, even though these initial messages were given to me seven years ago.

It is my hope that you, the reader, find peace and hope in their messages.

Aynne McAvoy June 2017


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