Intelligent Religion: It’s not a contradiction by Gary Norman Hitch

Intelligent Religion: It's not a contradiction

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Intelligent Religion: It’s not a contradiction

"Everything wrong with the world is because of religion!"

We often hear such statements these days. A great many problems are attributed to religion, and even when the responsibility rests on the shoulders of public authorities or when the causes are a combination of factors having little to do with religion. Other statements on the subject abound, for example: "all religions are crutches for the weak of mind» or even "religion is only good for the ignorant. There is more need of these superstitions since the science is there."

So where is the truth?

Everyone is entitled to their opinion in regard to subjective issues, such as one’s favorite color, favorite ice cream flavor or whether we should drive on the right side or left side of the road. But there are some questions that need an objective answer, like to know if rape is really morally reprehensible, truly wrong. Even a simple question like does 1 + 1 only and always = 2 has only one answer. It is essential to know the truth on such matters and that the answer does not vary according to the mood or the opinion of an individual or of any group.
Someone will say, "Nobody knows the truth". Really? Is that the truth? If so then the statement "nobody knows the truth", cannot itself be true.

This book tries to answer many of these questions. Based on the laws of logic, on scientific knowledge as well as real and observable facts. The book shows that it is possible to know if there is a real religion. Indeed, if an objective truth exists, in other words something that is true regardless of opinions and individual or collective feelings about it, then there can necessarily be also a religion that is objectively true. Religions cannot all be true or equal if they are based on beliefs that oppose and contradict each other. Some are right and others simply false or wrong.

The books lays the foundations of what all true religion must look like. The ones that fit the criteria the closest are the ones that can be said to be true, to the degree that they meet these criteria.

The subject is taken beyond the question of any organized religion and deals with the essentials, the existence of God and the very ideas of good and evil. It is vitally important to find valid answers to these questions because they concern all of us and are decisive for the future of human societies. These questions are also pertinent to current news events and how we evaluate them. Here we will take a logical look at the issues.

Hopefully, by reading this book, you will understand that we are in what could be called a "moral or spiritual war", or a "cultural war" as some have called it. One of global proportions. No one escapes it. You will better discern the issues of social choices that are made today and you will no longer see or hear mainstream media as you did before.

Are you ready to search for the truth on this global issue?


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