Hunted: by Patricia Rose Hart

Hunted: (A Billionaire Romance) (Without a Safe-Word)

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Hunted: (A Billionaire Romance) (Without a Safe-Word)

“A cold, dominating and scarred billionaire.
A terrifying dark hooded stalker.
A cruel torturing serial killer.
Who will get Natascha by the end?”

Love, anger and fear.
Her emotions is torn in every direction all at once. She despise Peter’s womanizing ways but can’t help falling in love with him. He demands absolute obedience from her and she has always been a strong independent woman.

At the same time her articles about the prowling BDSM Killer has gotten her the killer’s attention and now she fears that she might be his next victim.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, a dark mysterious stalker is on her heels always keeping an eye on her. Who is this person and why is he following her?

He hasn’t thought about his traumatic and dark past for many years now. Though somehow this woman Natascha brings his memories back to torment him. Since his childhood he has been heartless and able to suppress any emotion. Now everything begins to resurface and it brings along pain. He never thought he would be able to love someone again and yet here she is.

While Peter decides to become Natascha’s master he has other things to deal with. First among them is these sudden long blackouts he’s begun to suffer recently. Every time he regains conscience something bad has happened. While dealing with all of this he still has a business to run.

Hunted is part 1 of a trilogy with dark and disturbing scenes as well as bdsm elements. It also contains rather explicit sexual descriptions. It contains absolutely no cheating .


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