Hickeys and Quickies by MaryJanice Davidson

Hickeys and Quickies (Shorts Book 1)

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Hickeys and Quickies (Shorts Book 1)

From the darkly humorous imagination of NYT and USA Today best-selling author MaryJanice Davidson comes her first short story collection!

In UNWAVERING, Betsy the vampire queen is back! This time, instead of fighting off rogue vampires, rogue-er werewolves, or bitchy mermaids (ugh, the WORST), Betsy’s just trying to score some alone time with her tall, dark, Undead husband. But when you live in a mansion with vampires, at least one ghost, the only zombies in the world, the occasional human, and two puppies, celebrating with your sweetie can be as big a challenge as pulling an undead coup. The good news? Less bloodshed. The bad? They aren’t naked yet…

In MEDICAL MIRACLE, we meet Beth Waldman, a creature of science who sacrificed her body to become one of the best anti-industrial espionage agents in the country. After saving the day (well, kinda), she just wants to get through the routine medical exam and go home. But Vic Clive isn’t one to let this opportunity pass. He was a horrified witness to the accident that nearly killed her, and joined the Division of Emergency Recovery of Publications (D.E.R.P.) just to meet her. Beth is sure a gorgeous genius couldn’t possibly be interested in a modern-day Frankenstein’s monster. He’s sure she’s wrong.

And in MY ANGEL IS MY DEVIL, sexy 20-something Lilith Tien just wants to get laid. Or stay home…she’s conflicted. Most people have a figurative angel or devil on their shoulder, but in Lilith’s case, they’re literal. And they almost never agree. And they almost never shut up. Even during some of the best sex of her life. (Especially during some of the best sex of her life.)

Whether you’re looking for a chuckle or some seriously NSFW sex scenes, HICKEYS AND QUICKIES will deliver both–hey, it’s not like you have to choose, right?


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