He’s Out There!: I Have Been Waiting For You by Fannie Ann Reep

He's Out There!: I Have Been Waiting For You

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He’s Out There!: I Have Been Waiting For You

Mary Lean decided to walk home instead of riding the city bus that night. As she was walking by the park the lights were dim and she could hardly see anything around her. Mary Lean was fine until she heard a woman start screaming for help. By hearing that woman screaming, she didn’t have a cell and there wasn’t any pay phone close by, Mary Lean decided the best thing she could do was run home and call from there. As soon Mary Lean enter her apartment and turned on her T.V. knowing the nightly news was coming on. As she walking to her phone to call the police station, she heard there had been a dead body found in the park where she had heard that person screaming for help. Mary Lean didn’t know that the killer had seen her as she was walking home.
John Masquer has been abused by his mother when he was little boy. When he had grown up and began stronger he made sure his mother would never abuse him ever again. Now whenever he sees a young beautiful woman with long dark hair like his mother, whether she was having fun dancing or having drinks with friends, for some reason he always saw his mother in them. He would then start having flashbacks of his mother getting drunk and the beatings him. John knew he had to kill every woman out there that even looked somewhat like his mother. However, he always like to play with his victims before he slices their throats; then he always stood there watching as their very life’s blood was draining from their bodies before he would leave the scene.
John knew the cops were after him, but he doesn’t care. He thinks he has the upper hand, because he leaves no fingerprints or anything about himself behind at the scene. (He thinks)
What will Mary Lean do when she finds out that the killer is coming after her? Will she fight back with everything she has inside herself? Or become a victim like the other


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