Hale by Olivia Chase

Hale (The Beckett Boys, Book Seven)

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Hale (The Beckett Boys, Book Seven)

Meet The Beckett Boys. Each One Dirtier, Rougher, and Sexier Than The Next…

A standalone romance with a guaranteed HEA


Phoebe screams innocence from head to toe.

And she makes me want to defile that innocence. To show her every dirty thing I can do to her willing, needy body…

But I resent her judgments. I resent the hell out of them. She doesn’t know me—just makes assumptions about who I am and how I live my life because I fight sometimes to survive.

I resent her…but at the same time, I’m drawn to her. Intrigued by her innocence, mixed with the flare of sensuality I see in her eyes.

But Phoebe is a distraction, one I can’t really afford right now.

This girl could drag me to places I can’t afford to go. She could change the whole direction of my life if I’m not careful.

The problem is, when it comes to Phoebe, careful is the last damn thing I want to be…


He’s incredibly sexy. Ripped as hell, covered in tattoos, a little scruff on his jaw. His eyes are a brilliant blue, and his dark blond hair is sexily mussed.

Just hearing him say my name in that seductive, slow roll makes my skin hum and my core clench. It’s like electricity is running through me, raw and rough and almost painful in its intensity whenever he’s near.

Lust. That’s all I’m feeling, plain and simple. A chemical reaction. I can’t help how my body reacts to him.

But I won’t allow myself to give in to it, because he fights as a way of life.

He scares me. He scares me because of his strength, yes. But also because of the potent feelings he draws out of me. I can’t let myself feel like this.

I won’t let myself.

The only problem is, I don’t think I can stop. Not when all I want are his hands roaming over my body, his lips and tongue tasting every inch of me.

Hale Beckett is not for the faint of heart. And I think I might just get mine broken into a million pieces if I’m not careful…


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