Habitual Happiness: The 50 Happiness Habits That Changed My Life by Micael Widell

Habitual Happiness: The 50 Happiness Habits That Changed My Life

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Habitual Happiness: The 50 Happiness Habits That Changed My Life

Who is the happiest person alive? Is it a famous and rich rock-star? Is it a Buddhist monk sitting in a cave in the Himalayas? Or is it just a normal, uninteresting person who has good relationships and who experiences a lot of love and compassion?

Micael Widell is 34 years old. For most of his life, he was miserable and unhappy. But in the last two years, something has changed. Micael started implementing small habits, one at a time. A transformation started to take place, and he went from unhappy to very happy. In the process, Micael started studying the science of happiness. He read every book, every research paper, on the topic of happiness. He spent months reading, and started making copyous amounts of notes. He looked at his own transformation, and discovered that the habits he had introduced actually had scientific proof behind them.

This book is the result of 1.5 years of studying and writing about Happiness. Micael goes through all the available science, as well as ancient wisdom from Buddhist monks, and tells his own story of transformation. We get to follow Micael from his lowest point in 2012, when he was a miserable, overworked startup entrepreneur, until 2017, where he is the happiest he has ever been. We get to learn about all the habits that needed to be introduced for this transformation to take place. We get to learn how to implement these habits in our own lives, what obstacles are common, and how to overcome those obstacles.

– Why Is Happiness a Worthwhile Goal?
– Can I Change My Own Happiness?
– What, and Where, Is Happiness?
– How Happy Am I Compared to Others?
– Why Pleasure Is Not the Key to Happiness
– Money, Status and Fame
– How to Succeed in Building Habits

Happiness Habits within:
– Authenticity and Self-Esteem
– Physical Exercise
– Relationships
– Meaning and Long-Term Goals
– Contemplating Death
– Variation
– Gratitude
– Supplements
– Blood Sugar and Hydration
– Noise
– Breathing
– Sleep
– Stress
– Space Between Thoughts
– Food
– Conditioning Our Thoughts
– Work
– Meditation
– Compassion
– Anticipation


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