Gun Justice by Burt Kroll

Gun Justice

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Gun Justice

Bruce Woods is a newcomer in Mulejaw County.
He’s immediately faced with hostility from the Texan community, who are already suspicious of new faces arriving in town and taking over the local ranches.
Unfounded rumours that he hopes to cut off the town’s water supply don’t help the situation, and he soon finds his herd targeted with illegal activity.
Bruce doesn’t know who is behind the trouble: any one of the neighbouring ranchmen could be after him.
He requests help, and Ranger Clay Roach is sent to Mulejaw to control the lawlessness – but he’s just one man against many, armed with only a law star, a sixgun and his sense of justice.
It’s not an easy job.
All of the ranchers have a motive to target Bruce.
Before long, fists and hot lead rain down on Clay, but he fights back every way he knows.
As the truth begins to out, he heads into the climax with a ready gun and steadfast courage in search of one thing: justice.

Praise for Burt Kroll

‘Captivating, authentic and full of drama – a western to remember!’ – Tom Casey, bestselling author of Trade Off

Burt Kroll (1928), is one of fifty pseudonyms for British author, Donald S. Rowland, who was born in Norfolk, England. Rowland is married with three children, and previously had a variety of jobs, including film projectionist and Senior Clerk and Local Government Officer. It was only in 1964 that he dedicated his time to writing full-time and has since written a variety of novels, from science-fiction to westerns.


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