The Great Train Wreck of the West by John Saxon

The Great Train Wreck of the West

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The Great Train Wreck of the West

Welcome to another crazy collection of Alt Right nihilistic, iconoclastic essays, warm, moist and wriggling from the James site. As with our previous collection of apocalyptic essays, Trumpapocalypse Now, which was a strong seller, having at least two readers, and listed as the number 666 billion top seller, we present more steaming material by deranged cultural critics, all suffering from psycho-political psychosis. This volume continues the joyful frolic in the decaying intestines of our rotting society, examining all matters of strange organs, and parts that do not fit or make much sense any more. Forget about “saving the West,” or marriage, or the nation, or your race, or tribe, or anything else much at all. We may not be able to save ourselves even decked out with massive survival supplies in an isolated bug out location, which is what the elites seemingly want in their eternal death wish. Thus, take a strong alcoholic drink, put up your feet and enjoy the feces from our friends the intellectual maggots, as they nose through the decaying meat of the world that was.


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